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Analytics capabilities put reporting and data analysis in your hands with simple drag-and-drop tools - no query writing required

Powerful analytics engine with drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly and easily create various reports and export data to Excel.

Drag and Drop

No one wants to write queries - error-prone, hard to test and dangerous if done wrong. Use the simple drag and drop interface to drag columns around, select sorting, filtering and grouping options and to layout pivot tables.

Real-Time Data Linked to Production and Sales

The Analytics module is integrated directly with your production and sales data. You have instant access to sales figures, production status, case load, account balances and more.

Sales Data Over Time

Slice and dice your data anyway you want. View sales or production data over each day, week, month, quarter, year or any combination. View data by department, product group or even analyze individual products.


Export to Excel

Want to do more sophisticated calculations or combine data with other sources? Simply export your data to Excel and perform additional analysis without writing a single report or line of code.

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