Customer Relationship Management

Manage your customer relationships using marketing campaigns, direct mail marketing, sales analysis and more.

Jenmar's Customer Relationship Management module is the perfect companion to DL-Plus. Now you can seamlessly leverage your production and sales data to increase sales, track account communications, create marketing campaigns and track results and do your own data analysis and reporting.

Improve Communications

Improve your communications with doctors through the Communications Log. Track phone calls, direct mail and email campaigns, support issues and more and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Maintain a complete communication history with your account.


Launch and Track Marketing Campaigns

Easily create marketing campaigns and integrate with Constant Contact for a complete email marketing solution.

Leverage the power of our Constant Contact integration to send email campaigns to your accounts. Create announcements about upcoming seminars or events, send discounts and offers or simply update your accounts on current events at the lab.

With Constant Contact's tracking features, you can easily see how effective your efforts are. Constant Contact tracks how many people opened your communication, what they clicked, if they shared it on social sites and more. Now you can measure your communication efforts to ensure you are reaching your accounts.


Create Direct Mail Campaigns

Create your own customized direct mail campaigns based on data in DL-Plus. Send Dunning letters to past due accounts, welcome letters with offers to new accounts and more. Import existing templates from Microsoft Word or create your own. Export the final documents to Microsoft Word or PDF.


Analyze Sales Trends

Because CRM integrates real-time with your sales data, you can instantly pull up sales data for any account or across your entire lab and create your own reports and pivot tables. Use CRM's powerful grids to group, filter and sort your data and then export it all to Excel or for even more interactivity use the pivot table feature to drag-and-drop fields and slice your data by date ranges, departments and products, accounts and more.


About Our Company

It is not enough to have good software. You need a team of professionals behind you supporting your software and technology needs every step of the way. Jenmar is that team. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the professionals to help you get the most from your investment.


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