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Flexible Case Scheduling Options To Fit Your Laboratory's Workflow

Dl-plus' scheduling options give you the flexibility to schedule work the way your laboratory operates. With the configuration options in the scheduling module you can:

  • Override Task Schedule Order per Product
  • Change Task Unit Values
  • Reject Tasks with or without Technician Credit
  • Track Technician Productivity and Remakes with intuitive barcoding software Workbench
  • Prevent Bottle-necks in Production through load limits

DL-Plus's case schedule screens quickly give you the status of the case, who worked on it, and where it is in production.

Multiple Production Schedules

Many crowns, devices and products have multiple production methods and timings. DL-Plus lets you configure alternate schedules for any product so that you can have a default schedule and then other schedules that represent different techniques, materials or even fabrication in other locations!

With these flexible schedule options, you'll be able to accurately represent your exact production methods and track exactly what step of production each product is in.


Customizable Schedules

DL-Plus's scheduler gives you the ability to completely customize and configure your schedules. Reschedule a case after it has been on hold, override a task's default time allotment, even insert custom tasks on the fly.

Get the flexibility you need to configure schedules to match your production processes yet still give you the ability to make adjustments on the fly.


Reusable Task Library

Maintain a library of tasks so you can easily create schedules. Assign tasks to various schedules and reuse tasks with different time block requirements or in a different order.

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