Barcoding / Scanning

Empower Your Technicians in the Lab!

Using Jenmar’s barcode scanning technology you can wirelessly scan barcodes on work tickets, task sheets, employee badges, invoices and more. Or, using standard USB hand scanners you can set up workstations around the lab and in your receiving and shipping departments to scan invoices and case requests as they come in.

Case Location, Time Clock and More

Use Workbench to handle your clock-in and out functions, require technicians to be "on the clock" before they can credit work, easily track the location of every case in the lab by simply scanning the case's barcode and location tag.


Instant Feedback To Technicians

Each time a case and task is scanned, the technician gets immediate feedback of what they received credit for and how much.


Single and Batch Scanning Modes

Technicians can scan one task or case at a time or scan multiple tasks or cases at a time - increase efficiency and reduce time spent at the scanning station!


Runs In A Web Browser

Browser based application. Runs on almost any web browser or tablet. No more installing software on computers one at a time.


About Our Company

It is not enough to have good software. You need a team of professionals behind you supporting your software and technology needs every step of the way. Jenmar is that team. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have the professionals to help you get the most from your investment.


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